Research And Learn



When I was growing up, having a set of Encyclopedias made you one of the popular families in the neighborhood. Projects required you to go to the library and read various books to be able to complete your assignment. When I went to college both the internet and cell phones were fairly new concepts and one of my graduation gifts from my parents was a word-processor (a fancy typewriter), laptops were a thing of the future.  Technology today provides students with the ability to gain information from multimedia sources quickly and efficiently.

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Seeds of Science


The natural curiosity of young children makes them great “scientist”. Their desire for knowledge is evident by the endless number of questions they seem to ask throughout the day. They have an instinctive desire to question, explore and investigate. This provides the foundation for science with young children, from inquisitive toddlers to curious third-graders. Educators and parents can build on children’s questions and enthusiasm to help them learn science. We can foster science based knowledge by:

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Cold Winter’s Day

This winter the United States has seen colder than usual weather temperatures, causing school closings due to heavy snow and in some case because of freezing temperatures. For many children around the world life in extreme cold winters is common place. This post will explore a few countries where going to school in freezing temperatures are a regular occurrence. 

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