Six Things You Should Know About Ramadan

Here are six things you should know about Ramadan:

1. Ramadan is celebrated for one month and consists of fasting, giving to charity, and studying the Quran.

2. Not everyone participates in the fast. There are exceptions and adjustments for those who may face illnesses, health issues, or old age.

3. Fasting hours depend on what country you’re in. In fact, it is determined by when the sun rises and when it sets. Greenland and Sweden have the longest fasting hours.

4. The fast begins at Fajr just before sunrise

5. There is a pre-meal right before sunrise called suhur.

6. The fast is broken at  Iftar, a meal eaten on Ramadan after the sun sets.



Three Consistent Tips That Will Make Cleaning Toys Easier

Toys can harbor a lot of germs.So it’s important to have a toy cleaning routine. According to a 2016 study, plastic toys can keep viruses for hours. In fact, toys shared between multiple children can spread infection. Here are three consistent toy cleaning tips.

Invest in Cleaning Wipes:

Cleaning wipes are an easy way to consistently clean toys. If you’re a childcare provider, make sure they meet state standards. The sanitation rules for child care centers may differ in many states. So, researching this would be vital. If you don’t trust any wipes, you can make your own using the cleaning solution you currently use.

Use the Dishwasher:

This is a common cleaning method used by many childcare service providers. It works if you have more than ten toys to clean.

Mesh Bag:

If you have toys that are fabric with things like sequins, you can also use a mesh laundry bag. This will clean toys and protect them from being torn apart in the washer or dryer.

Toys should be cleaned on a consistent basis. This prevents the spread of germs.