Three Consistent Tips That Will Make Cleaning Toys Easier

Toys can harbor a lot of germs.So it’s important to have a toy cleaning routine. According to a 2016 study, plastic toys can keep viruses for hours. In fact, toys shared between multiple children can spread infection. Here are three consistent toy cleaning tips.

Invest in Cleaning Wipes:

Cleaning wipes are an easy way to consistently clean toys. If you’re a childcare provider, make sure they meet state standards. The sanitation rules for child care centers may differ in many states. So, researching this would be vital. If you don’t trust any wipes, you can make your own using the cleaning solution you currently use.

Use the Dishwasher:

This is a common cleaning method used by many childcare service providers. It works if you have more than ten toys to clean.

Mesh Bag:

If you have toys that are fabric with things like sequins, you can also use a mesh laundry bag. This will clean toys and protect them from being torn apart in the washer or dryer.

Toys should be cleaned on a consistent basis. This prevents the spread of germs.

Respecting Everyone


Have you ever been treated unfairly because of the color of your skin? If you have, here is some advice. Ask that person why they’re being mean to you. But if they threaten you, stay away from them.

Have you ever heard of a little girl named Ruby Bridges (or Ruby B)? Because she was so well educated, the governor of Louisiana allowed her to go to a white kid’s school. Every morning, Ruby B had to walk into the school with guards because people were saying that they were going to poison her.

The kids that Ruby was supposed to be in the class with were moved to another room because their parents didn’t want them to be near a black person.


Today people are still judged by the color of their skin.

Like a white man went into a bible study in Charleston, South Carolina June 17, 2015 and shot 9 people. I’m still trying to figure out why people are doing these things.

I think people should try to be nice and not make violence. But now, still through all of this, I try to focus on what is right. If people judge me by the color of my skin, or my gender, I just don’t pay attention to them, I focus on what I need to do. One time at school, I was playing a math game and I won. Then one of the boys said to his friend “How did you get beat by a girl!?! You’re smarter than her. Now go win this game!” But instead he won 2nd place, I won 1st.

If I did pay attention to people who judge by the color of their skin, sometimes I’d be sad, or mad, but I like the emotion described in the movie Home by the alien named ‘Boov’ — I would be “Sadmad.”

Now that’s All For this time!

by Zaria E. Hanchell

Thoughts about racism

Hello, my name is Caleb. I am nine years old and in the fourth grade. Racism to me is when people say and do bad things to people because they are of a different race. I have a hard time believing that racism happens but I do wonder. I didn’t think about racism until I switched schools in the third grade. I attended Montessori school before going to public school. In Montessori, we studied people of all races. We were expected to be kind to others and to maintain a peaceful and respectful environment. All kids were given equal respect and my teachers made me feel that I could accomplish anything. In my new school, I have seen situations where kids are treated differently. Some kids are given more privileges and encouraged more. Some kids have to follow every rule while others get by. When I see this, I feel frustrated because it’s unfair. I don’t know for sure why some kids are treated better but I do wonder if it’s because of race. Skin color shouldn’t matter. What matters more is your personality, gifts, talents, and behavior.

Holiday Celebrations Around The World

christmas around the worldThe Christmas season is a time of great joy and celebration. Families around the world come together in a variety of ways. Here are some international traditions, customs and rituals that can be incorporated into your family’s holiday.

Portuguese Holiday Meal: A traditional Christmas meal in Portugal is eaten during the evening of Christmas Eve and consists of codfish with green vegetables and boiled potatoes. This is normally followed by shellfish, wild meats or other expensive foods.

Australian Summer/Christmas: In Australia summer break takes place from early December through early February. Because Christmas comes during warm temperatures it is not uncommon for families to go camping for Christmas. Christmas dinners consist of outdoor grilling and lots of fresh seafood.

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Research And Learn



When I was growing up, having a set of Encyclopedias made you one of the popular families in the neighborhood. Projects required you to go to the library and read various books to be able to complete your assignment. When I went to college both the internet and cell phones were fairly new concepts and one of my graduation gifts from my parents was a word-processor (a fancy typewriter), laptops were a thing of the future.  Technology today provides students with the ability to gain information from multimedia sources quickly and efficiently.

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