Five Ways To Add Diversity To Your Lesson Plan

Summer is a great time for providers and teachers to evaluate and create their lesson plans for next year. Here are five ways to add diversity to your lesson plan.
Analyze and Set Goals
The first step to way to improve on your lesson plan is to analyze and set goals.
Take a Course
One of the best ways to diversify your lesson plan is to take courses that can improve learning in your classroom. Google offers a course called Google Educator that allows you to become certified in Google, Google education apps, and better incorporate technology in the classroom.
 Icebreakers or Warm-ups
Incorporate icebreakers or warm-ups that allow kids to learn about each other at the beginning of every class. Include exercises that tap into other languages and cultures.
Take Advantage of Different Heritage Months
Create lesson plans around different heritage months. There are several heritage months that correspond with the school year. By creating a lesson plan about different heritage months, it makes it easier to teach about different cultures.
Collect Feedback From Students
Receive feedback about what your students like in  class or what helps them learn the material. Incorporate tri-monthly surveys to improve and diversify your lesson plan for the following year.

Thoughts about racism

Hello, my name is Caleb. I am nine years old and in the fourth grade. Racism to me is when people say and do bad things to people because they are of a different race. I have a hard time believing that racism happens but I do wonder. I didn’t think about racism until I switched schools in the third grade. I attended Montessori school before going to public school. In Montessori, we studied people of all races. We were expected to be kind to others and to maintain a peaceful and respectful environment. All kids were given equal respect and my teachers made me feel that I could accomplish anything. In my new school, I have seen situations where kids are treated differently. Some kids are given more privileges and encouraged more. Some kids have to follow every rule while others get by. When I see this, I feel frustrated because it’s unfair. I don’t know for sure why some kids are treated better but I do wonder if it’s because of race. Skin color shouldn’t matter. What matters more is your personality, gifts, talents, and behavior.