The ePals Global Community

ePals offers a new spin on pen pals and learning abroad. Their website connects nearly a million classrooms and reaches 27 million teachers, students and parents across 200 countries. For students it offers a safe and social learning system that enables students to share and collaborate with other students around the world in a platform that meets security and privacy needs of students and schools. 

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Who’s buying MOJO Education?

Have you heard the latest buzz in education? Mojo Education, the leading supplier of the coolest diversity products is up for sale . . . to everyone, that is! After years of providing products to resellers, we are expanding our offerings to everyone. Christmas Day, MOJO Education goes live as they say in the internet world and all MOJO products will be available for retail online. Along with having a retail presence, we also invite you to follow us on twitter @playtheMOJOway for specials, fun ideas, giveaways, and much more. We are very excited about this opportunity and welcome you to PLAY THE MOJO WAY!

Jevonne K. McRae, CEO

I See You, You See Me: Body Image and Social Justice

Teaching Tolerance: A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center – This series helps students think about their bodies and body images in a social justice context. Each lesson looks at a different aspect of the relationship children have with their bodies. The series helps students take ownership over their own feelings and attitudes and develop an activist stance in terms of understanding body image and also looking after their own physical and emotional wellbeing.

Wow! A must-visit website: full of lesson plans, resources, strategies, teaching kits, and much more on tolerance, a key component for diversity and multicultural education.