Research And Learn



When I was growing up, having a set of Encyclopedias made you one of the popular families in the neighborhood. Projects required you to go to the library and read various books to be able to complete your assignment. When I went to college both the internet and cell phones were fairly new concepts and one of my graduation gifts from my parents was a word-processor (a fancy typewriter), laptops were a thing of the future.  Technology today provides students with the ability to gain information from multimedia sources quickly and efficiently.

The object of this activity is for students to research one of the seven wonders categories and create an informative brochure.

Here are three categories of 7 wonders:

  • The seven natural wonders of the world
  • The seven ancient wonders of the world
  • The seven man made wonders of the world


Computer with Internet access and a printer

Markers, crayons or colored pencils

Construction Paper



Have students select a category from the above list that they would like to research. Use the internet and other sources to discover details about each marvel. Use the collected information to create a detailed paragraph about each item in the category. Illustrate each paragraph with drawings and/or printed pictures. Add text and illustrations to construction paper in the form of a brochure to complete the project.

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