Seek & Peek Expressions Memory Game


Nurture young children’s social and emotional growth as they peek and seek different facial expression cards. Young children world-wide understand that there are distinct types of facial expressions and that they each have different meanings (e.g. they understand that “sad” faces are different from happy faces).

Contains 64 laminated Seek & Peek Expression Circle Cards of 32 different photo images of children around the world, showing facial expressions. This resource is recommended for small group play or individual play for children ages 18 months -5 years of age.

This resource may be used in numerous ways to support lessons and activities on social and emotional development. The number of Peek and Seek cards used to play a game will vary based on the age group that you serve and the goal of your lesson.

With 18-24 months begin with fewer cards and gradually increase the number of playing cards.

Download printable instructions (PDF)

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