Thoughts about racism

Hello, my name is Caleb. I am nine years old and in the fourth grade. Racism to me is when people say and do bad things to people because they are of a different race. I have a hard time believing that racism happens but I do wonder. I didn’t think about racism until I switched schools in the third grade. I attended Montessori school before going to public school. In Montessori, we studied people of all races. We were expected to be kind to others and to maintain a peaceful and respectful environment. All kids were given equal respect and my teachers made me feel that I could accomplish anything. In my new school, I have seen situations where kids are treated differently. Some kids are given more privileges and encouraged more. Some kids have to follow every rule while others get by. When I see this, I feel frustrated because it’s unfair. I don’t know for sure why some kids are treated better but I do wonder if it’s because of race. Skin color shouldn’t matter. What matters more is your personality, gifts, talents, and behavior.