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Let’s Play the MOJO Way!

Step Outside the Box and Dare to
Make a Difference!

Welcome to MOJO Education, the next generation in multicultural education! From dramatic play clothing, puzzles, play foods to posters, MOJO Education is the leading designer and manufacturer of multicultural educational toys and resources. We believe that toys and resources for children should be representative of people and things they see daily. They should be REAL! MOJO dares to be different, to make a difference!

Sign up now for the 4th Annual Male Conference!

Join us in Myrtle Beach, SC as Men Who Imagine, Believe and Achieve come together with their ideas, lessons and dreams to make life better for themselves and their children. If you have struggled with getting males involved in your programs, select three or four fathers, grandfathers, uncles, or volunteers and get them to this conference and we will do the rest! This is one event no father, family advocate, or male involvement coordinator should miss. Click here for info and to sign up today!

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